What our database can do..


Our Team vs Team Tool will allow you to input a home and away team to return a comparison of the stats of both of these teams

You'll be able compare teams from across the world regarding:

  • Goals For

  • Goals Against

  • Form

  • W-D-L

  • BTTS

  • O 2.5

  • Averages

  • Last 5 games

  • Predicted Results

  • Much More

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Our tips page is the main feature of our database. Using a teams form throughout their season, we have created formulas and algorithms which outputs a whole host of information for each fixture to help you choose the best team to bet on. These features are:


  • % Chance that a team will either Win or Draw e.g. Chance of Home win = 80%, Chance of Draw = 19%, Chance of Away Win = 1%

  • Success rates of each team

  • Database Predicted Scores

  • % Chance of an Amount of Goals (e.g.6% of 0 Goals, 12% of 1 Goal, 32.8% of 2 Goals etc)


We provide on a weekly basis a fresh tips sheet for all of the leagues we support, our average output of tips is over 300 games a week.


The Kelly Criterion is a system that will work out the optimal bet size based on the value offered from a bet.


As usual, this system still relies on your ability to accurately assess value and a bet’s probability, but this is a great approach to knowing how much to bet to extract maximum value without taking excessive risk.

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UPDATE: New for 2020/21 season

Although we had Poisson Distribution in our previous databases we have included 1st and 2nd half stats this year.


We found this method of calculating the outcome of a football match online. It basically works out the attack and defense strength of both teams and outputs a % chance of each score landing among other bets. We have found this to be an effective way to calculate a games outcome especially with the red/yellow/green conditional format we have put in the table.


UPDATE: New for 2020/21 Season

Our social media Number 1 request has been granted.

After loads of our followers requested this feature many times we have finally managed to incorporate it in our 2020/21 Database.

Avail from first and second half stats including a home/away rating system, HT goals scored/conceded and success ratings

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If you would like to request a new stat or a new league to be added to our database, or anything you can think of just drop us a comment by using the button below


Along with all the stats we have mentioned above, we also have an individual tab for each league, the stats you can find in here are:

  • Average Goals Scored

  • Average Goals Conceded

  • BTTS Rates

  • 1st Half Stats

  • 2nd Half Stats

  • WIN & BTTS Rates

  • LOSE & BTTS Rates

  • Points Distribution

  • Overs Goals Rates

  • Correct Score Heat Map

  • The Results List for the whole season


If you are into rolling accumulators we have build a calculator that will help you track it and make sure you are keeping up a decent odds average. We have built this to be fully customizable with about of bets you want to make and the amount of money you want to start and finish on, more instructions on the rolling bet tracker can be found in the tab.


Here we will provide you with a general background to each section of the database, important messages, useful tools to use and whats been included in the most recent update and version of the database upload

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        MUCH MORE

There's much much more to be discovered by using our database so let's not hold you back from exploring yourself. Click on the link below to download a sample from our archive to delve a little deeper into what we have to offer